Can sperm swim through clothing

This being said, if someone were to cum on a persons legs and the sperm leaked towards the vagina, yes, you can become pregnant. They offer free pregnancy tests, but they are not real clinics. Be cautious and prepared. Can a woman become pregnant when semen passes through thin clothes? Under NO circumstances should you think you're safe because you had clothes on, sperm is miniscule and can and will travel through clothes, down your stomach etc to get where it wants to be. But I am sure that I have urinated at least times, since the last time I ejaculated, which was when I was masturbating, 2 days before this incident. Joclyn. Age: 28. Dear Gentleman Lacey. Age: 18. I like sex and i'm open to all fantasies and try to make your dreams come true. I'm very discreet,as i treat everything that happens with us, as our private secret.

Can a Girl Get Pregnant with Her Clothes On?

Therefore, I and others will continue to advocate their use. Very unlikely anything could happen. Seek pro-evaluation and counseling. It is an independent biological function which is not affected by your orgasm. I'd suggest implanted hormonal birth control or a copper IUD in addition. Return to top of page. People also viewed Talk to a doctor online Can sperm travel through clothing onto fingers? Pad- plastic bottom, very thick, many layers, an anti-leak core, the whole shebang. I am giving you a link of a reliable scientific body not baseless patient discussions. So semen soaking through a layer of clothing would not fit that description. If you are a male, and someone is claiming that you've impregnated them and this is the only sexual contact you've had, then I would demand a genetic test before I accepted responsibility. I am not here to criticize any one because only through health care magic i understood basic things and i am happy with the replies. People who advocate condoms, please be aware that they are not totally and completely effective. Qual hospital eu posso passar no ginecologista gratuito?

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Pregnancy through Underwear? : amipregnant

She really just came for me': So don't have vaginal intercourse without using a condom or some other reliable form of birth control! Follow 13 Frisky Fridays a weekly column on sex, life, love, and kicking ass. Never take it for granted that you are being safe as accidents do happen.

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