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The raven choked, and tried to hold in his laughter but Naruto was relentless. He found himself looking at the Fifth Hokage, who was fuming. Kakashi Hatake was leaning on a tree, looking at him over the edge of his perverted green book. He gave 10 more powerful thrusts aiming for his sweet spot each time. And the Kakashi Vs Obito fight was alright in the manga, but man in the show it was so good! Kakashi paused in a clearing, seeing a perfect tree stump. Kakashi walked over to the bed casually, if not for the clothing that came off at every step. He started stripping him, he removed his cloak, and then off came the shirt and shoes. There was a strange banging sound from down the hall, followed by more shouting. Sasuke was getting angry.

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He made sure to get very far away from Kakashi very fast before he said what he was going to say. You guys are acting strange, did I do or say something to make you react this way? I'm too young and besides, who in the world would wanna do it with me? Look, either shut up and stop, or just fuck me already! I could go on and on about the best fights so for now I'll just list the names of some of the other favorite fights: Shikamaru wasn't blown back or nothing.

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